Blaylock depicts the Vietnam War as his most life-changing event. He cites literary influence from Tim O’Brien. Blaylock’s use of detailed descriptions to identify the tragedy, and sometimes humor of war, in sight, sound, and smell is riveting and draws in the reader.

Mr. Blaylock (Bill) grew up in the Southern California town of Covina. It is the influence of that childhood that serves as the foundation for forming his perspectives. He attended college for one year, majoring in aviation, before being drafted into the Army. Blaylock presents his, at times, gut-wrenching memoir about his traumatic experiences and how his life was affected by those experiences.

By telling his story, Blaylock hopes to reach other veterans and their family members, to let them know that there is help — help to understand and accept the trauma they have experienced, which will allow them to move on with their lives.

Blaylock was an innocent and most likely naive teenager who was drafted into a conflict that changed him forever. He was assigned to C battery, 1st battalion, 44th artillery, which was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation. His unit was attached to the 3rd Marine Division. He served in Vietnam from March 7th, 1968 to March 6th, 1969.

After discharge from the Army, Bill returned to college, majoring in aviation and later law enforcement. He has one failed marriage, and many failed jobs. Of his successes, he is most proud of his current marriage, his children, and his understanding of his wartime trauma, PTSD. Bill also gives thanks and credit to God, which gave him the strength and character to put his story in writing.

Writing this book was his most ambitious and rewarding work ever. He describes it as going through a door. On one side there is pain, and on the other, joy. His pain was in remembering the traumas as he wrote. His joy is the hope that his writing will benefit veterans, and their families. Blaylock’s sole intent is to help veterans of his Vietnam era as well as all veterans, past and present, female and male.

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